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We offer various security solutions for your bunker. The protection of each bunker is a top priority.




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Except for to the need of professional life support systems, every bunker needs a security system as well. Various components are included in a reliable security system. We will make a careful selection of the entry and exit points of the bunker. In addition to the central monolithic door, each bunker has its own hidden exits, which are disguised as part of the landscape architecture. The installation of video surveillance in the area will ensure a safe living perimeter. All of this could be combined with multi-level access control protection and sensors located at key points. Last but not least is the issue of weapons and their storage. We at BUNKER BG have thought of everything in order to combine all the elements in one reliable security system.



Based on a project of the BUNKER BG team, professionals from Sweden have developed a safe door that meets all the requirements for security and radiation protection. The central entrance of each bunker is a complex project. Each entry-exit is one of the weak links in your bunker, because a large number of parameters must be taken into account. The door must not only be strong, but it also has to be installed in a special way so that the optimal geometric distribution is observed in order to reduce the radioactive uptake of particles in the event of a nuclear attack.

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When the bunker construction site is located next to your house, we will make a connection between the bunker and the house so that you have direct access to the shelter. Depending on the possibilities of the place we will do everything possible to hide the access to the main entrance. A good cover sometimes serves more than the most complex security systems, and in combination with them makes the bunker a little fortress. For security reasons each bunker is equipped with more than one exit. In case of debris accumulated in front of an exit, if you do not have an alternative, you will remain blocked. Therefore, we envisage more exits that will be smartly hidden. The outdoor exit from the garden will also be indistinguishable to the naked eye.


We can place sensors and access control at crucial points where it is needed. This way, access to your bunker will be severely limited and several levels of protection will have to be overcome before reaching the central entrance, which is impenetrable itself. An alarm system could alert upon a breach by sending a signal to the security guards and via connecting to a powerful siren. The combination of all those security systems will turn your bunker into a secret impregnable fortress.



The security of the bunker starts from the outer perimeter. For example, if the bunker is located in the backyard of your house, we can install video surveillance to surround the entire property. It would be connected to a central monitoring system, as a part of the "Smart Bunker" system, which will be positioned both in the bunker and outside. Thus you will have a 24-hour control. Sensors will be installed at key points around the place to alert upon moving.


When we talk about security and protection, we cannot skip mentioning weapons. When it comes to the survival of your family and yourself, no compromises could be made. It has been proven that in times of trouble, weapons are more valuable than gold. You may never have to use it, but it is enough to have it for personal comfort. Sometimes just showing it is enough to get you out of a survival situation. If you haven't thought about a weapon before, now is the time. We can connect you to weapon professionals to advise you on what to buy. We will also help you to safely get a special weapon storage.



Our bunkers have underground tunnel constructions, which are used as an emergency exit. In case of debris, when you cannot open the central door, the emergency exit allows you to safely get off the grounds.


Our bunkers have underground tunnel constructions, which are used as an emergency exit. In case of debris, when you cannot open the central door, the emergency exit allows you to safely get off the grounds.


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