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TEBRIX offers a unique system (HYPOXIA) that prevents ignition and burning of any flammable material. The HYPOXIA oxygen reduction technology leads to a reduction of the oxygen concentration below the flammability limit value of the materials placed in the shelter and is the only system that prevents the occurrence of fire and guarantees zero fire risk in the protected space. The HYPOXIA system is a complex of devices designed for the generation and controlled supply of hypoxic air (reduced oxygen content) to the target rooms of the shelter. The system is completely safe for the human organism; it fully replaces the usual stable fire extinguishing equipment. Thanks to this, there is no damage caused by burning and therefore no damage caused by extinguishing.

The hypoxic air generated and supplied by HYPOXIA units is obtained by automatic separation of gases from atmospheric air directly at the installation site.

Technical solution HYPOXIA for shelters

  • all individual rooms of the shelter are equipped with at least three oxygen sensors that continuously monitor the current oxygen concentration

  • the HYPOXIA control system collects and evaluates the current oxygen concentration from all individual sensors and automatically decides whether hypoxic air supply is necessary

  • hypoxic air is composed of 90% nitrogen and 10% oxygen to ensure the safety of people, the system is equipped with several levels of protection against the risk of oxygen falling below the specified level


  • 100% fire protection of the premises during the absence of people maintained oxygen concentration at the level of 13% - 15% (depending on the materials in the shelters)

  • ventilation of the shelter spaces and maintenance of temperature and humidity takes place through a combination of controlled and continuous start-up of recovery and the HYPOXIA system so that the required oxygen concentration is not exceeded

  • when a person enters the shelter, the signal from the door magnets automatically deactivates the HYPOXIA system and immediately starts recuperation so that the oxygen concentration in the shelter equalizes to the normal level of 20.9% within minutes


  • in the event of a fire during people's stay (Prevention mode deactivated), the smoke detectors will send a signal to the HYPOXIA system, which will immediately start flooding the given room with hypoxic air

  • a fire-fighting concentration is created in the order of tens of minutes so that there is no re-ignition or spread of the fire

  • recuperation will immediately close the air supply and automatically start the exhaust, which will lead to the removal of smoke

  • a fire-fighting concentration is created in the order of tens of minutes so that there is no re-ignition or spread of the fire



  • the possibility of creating an atmosphere with a reduced oxygen content (simulation of an alpine environment) in any area of the shelter without impacting the surrounding rooms (e.g. fitness or bedroom)

  • the user selects his own parameters with the possibility of simulating a high-altitude environment from 1,000 to 3,500 m.a.s.l.

  • recuperation switches to Prevention mode for the given room

The reduced amount of oxygen within the system is not "felt" in any way, it does not limit the comfort of breathing and natural bodily sensations. The devices are located in the technical room, and the hypoxic air is subsequently distributed by means of pipes to the premises of the shelter, where the monitoring sensors are installed. Hypoxic technology, which simulates an environment at a higher altitude without the need to reduce the pressure, accelerates the burning of fats and makes the oxygenation of the body more efficient, which has a positive effect on sports and physical performance and prevents a whole range of civilization diseases (better and deeper sleep, cardioprotection, prevention of diabetes, qualitative/quantitative mitochondrial changes, weight loss, better body regeneration and, last but not least, improved mental concentration).

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