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TEBRIX partners have many years of experience in their field.


TEBRIX cooperates only with partners with many years of experience. Some construction companies try to cover design, construction and installation without using subcontractors. The TEBRIX team considers this approach wrong. If you do not use specialists who are strictly profiled only in a given field of activity, many mistakes could occur. This is unacceptable when we are talking about the construction of a bunker, because any installation must work flawlessly. That is why TEBRIX cooperates not only with a team of specialists from the Czech Republic, but also with colleagues from Switzerland and many other countries. TEBRIX imports some systems and equipment from Switzerland, Finland and Israel, but for most of the equipment and technologies it has partners from the Czech Republic who have completed many projects.

Security Bunkers Alliance 

The Security Bunkers Alliance (SBA) was created in 2022 as a response to geopolitical events related to the war in Ukraine. It is an association of industry professionals who are comprehensively technologically capable of solving NBC disasters, both for the civilian and military sectors. The goal of SBA is to make visible, promote, offer and supply both complete shelters and own products of companies that are part of the group as well, especially their specific products and technologies for the needs of not only Czech but also foreign customers (from individuals, through private and state sectors to especially defence sector).


Thanks to the long-term know-how of our members,  SBA is able:

  • to implement the construction of new small-capacity and large-capacity underground shelters and bunkers resistant to explosions, chemical, radiation and biological threats

  • to renovate existing civil defense shelters

  • to equip shelters and bunkers with appropriate filter ventilation systems

  • to equip these places with water filtration systems and energy backups

  • to equip sites with security ballistic and anti-pressure doors and other closures

  • to supply technologies for measuring radiation, hazardous and combat substances in the air

  • to equip the space with a decontamination room

  • to provide protective clothing and respiratory protection

  • .

​ A lot of SBA products have been tested and certified according to international standards, and SBA development departments are also able to adapt solutions to needs of each customer.


For more information visit:


Tebrix Safety Home s.r.o.
1. máje 863
460 07 Liberec

Vzduchotechnik s.r.o.
Tovární 548
463 31 Chrastava

DELBAG s.r.o.
Slovanská 781463 12
Liberec XXV-Vesec


IBIPC - Institute of Blast & Impact Proof Concrete
Jihlavská 2512/34

591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou

Avec Chem s.r.o.
Chrudimská 1555
535 01 Přelouč

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