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The Tebrix company develops specialized water treatment and filtration plants for the treatment of drinking and technological water from any contamination
no water source.


NUCLEAR 100 is a device that eliminates and removes radioactive substances, chemical and biological warfare agents, bacteria, viruses, spores,
molds, yeasts, antibiotics, contraceptives, estrogens, testosterones, drug residues, psychoactive drugs, pesticides, microplastics,
isotopes and other toxins from the water.


  • connection to any DC or AC power source

  • extremely low power consumption on average 10 W/hour.

  • 7 times sterilization of both technological and drinking water

  • the output is naturally mineralized, ionized and structured baby-type water

  • hourshigh daily capacity depending on water temperature, up to 2.5 m3/24 h

  • drawing unknown contaminated water from any flowing source

  • detoxification of contaminated water using minerals and membrane-type filters

  • 30% return of waste water for repeated filtration

  • the concentrate is used for flushing in WC storage tanks

  • automatic system flushing

  • highly sophisticated electronics ensure constant monitoring and correction of set values


  • unlimited water units (AOP image)

  • filtration using ozone (image ozone)

  • medium pressure UV 250w with power up to 15kw (picture uvm)

  • low-pressure UV with power from 48w to 348w (picture uvl)


Device function description:

  • Inlet water from the public water supply. order flows through Temperature sensor 0 and Pressure-
    sensor 0 on a cascade of combined mechanical PP pre-filters with coarseness from

  • 50 through 5 to 0.5 microns (mechanical removal of suspended substances), further through
    combined ionex filter/TMC/FO36 (water softening, removal of isotopes, arsenic)
    and finally GAC granular activated carbon (removal of chlorine and odors).
    Alternatively, the water can pass through any of the possible 10 cascades
    of consumables depending on the characteristics of the inlet water. Water flows through
    solenoid valve 0 and flow meter 0 to integrated vacuum semipermeable

  • spiral nano-module of membrane Cross-Flow type (for the Basic version via HFM sedi-
    mentation modules of the Dead-End type), which removes dissolved particles - separates

  • contaminant with coarseness of solid particles to ~ 0.05 microns from clean water, continues to
    waste in a ratio of ~ 5:1 (5 - clean production, 1 - waste water). Ion optimization
    of water is realized using needle valve 2, when the biogenic value changes

  • Treated water flows through the primary suction part of the mechanical vacuum pump and is discharged
    the concentrate is led by the secondary part. Waste continues to flow through. manometer and needle

  • valve 1, with which we regulate the ratio of produced clean water and waste con-
    centrate. The concentrate goes to the waste siphon and is measured by flow meter 2.

  • Clean water is supplied via pressure sensor 1 to the storage tank. From the tank, the water
    into flow meter 1 to the post-filtration cascade, which consists of coconut-carbon

  • filter (improves taste properties and removes odors), from the negative generator
    ions (having a positive effect on the human organism, improves the fixation of minerals on molecules

  • water), from the mineralization filter (enriches clean water with the necessary substances) and from the generator
    toru of oxygen molecules (improves the circulatory blood and lymphatic system), alternatively

  • through the Energoactivator, which changes the crystalline lattice of water and ensures better utilization
    water in the body.

  • Water treated in this way passes through a pressure regulator, then through a UV-C LED sterilizer
    starts the lamp and finally reaches a separate tap, the coffee machine

  • or a water maker (e.g. for diluting ionic drinks and lemonades). The whole process
    controls and controls using sensors and electronics.

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