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TEBRIX - Live safe, be prepared


TEBRIX is one of the first company in the Czech Republic that specializes in the design and construction of private shelters. TEBRIX shelters meet all safety requirements and are designed to make you feel as comfortable and cozy as a second home. TEBRIX  focuses on safety and comfort. TEBRIX  will prepare an individual shelter project for each customer. TEBRIX has a team of specialists and these specialists work closely with several international companies with many years of experience in the construction of shelters namely from Switzerland, Finland and Israel. TEBRIX is a member of SECURITY BUNKERS ALLIANCE and a members of the Defense and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic. (AOBP – DSIA) as well.



Building a life support facility requires a whole team of specialists. The TEBRIX team consists ofphysicists, engineers, architects, constructors, designers and organizers who lead the whole process. The construction of each shelter involves an initial survey of the terrain, followed by the design and calculations of the capacity of various facilities according to the number of people who will inhabit it. For this purpose, TEBRIX has assembled a team of specialists in various fields and trusted partners. Below you can familiarize yourself with a small part of them.

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