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There are different types of bunkers. What do we offer?


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There are different types of shelters. They are mainly divided into military and public.
Military shelters provide protection to the nation´s military, government officials, and
military equipment. Public shelters are meant to protect the population. They are usually
built under schools, kindergartens, public buildings and government offices. Shelters are
used for survival situations in natural disasters or wars. When we hear the word shelter the first association that comes to mind is an underground facility, all in concrete—uncomfortable, cold, unwelcoming, and sometimes damp. It creates depression
and fear in us. Private shelters are something completely different than those described

Tebrix specializes in the construction of private shelters, which it turns into a cozy home. Youwill not miss equipment in them. In quiet times you can relax in your shelter or invite friends,because its living area is designed to be comfortable and cozy apartment.




Tornado, hurricane and storm shelters are widespread in America. These are small shelters
underground, equipped with food supplies for several days, in which you can hide yourself
and your family until the disaster passes. These shelters are not designed to
they resisted radioactive radiation, biological and chemical attacks.


Some shelters have built underground tunnels that serve as an emergency exit. In the event
of debris blockage, when you cannot open the middle door, the emergency exit will allow
you to reach the surface safely.


TEBRIX offers shelters of the highest level of protection. TEBRIX shelters are designed to successfully withstand all natural disasters. The shelters TEBRIX builds are made of concrete and can withstand nuclear activity, viruses, chemical and biological weapons. TEBRIX cleaning systems provide a safe microclimate for life. In addition, they are equipped with gauges and sensors for continuous monitoring of the pollution level of the external environment. That way you will know when it is safest for you to go to the surface. TEBRIX shelters are designed with emergency exits. If you cannot get out through the central entrance, you can be sure that your exit is secured. You can live in our shelters for a long time. The TEBRIX specialists think about both your safety and your comfort. That's why TEBRIX installed smart systems in the shelter for monitoring and controlling the internal and external environment. You will be able to control heating, cooling, temperature, lighting and everything you want completely automatically from your phone, tablet or computer. At the same time, the system is designed to operate autonomously in the event of a digital failure. The premises are spacious, with the option of furnishing as desired. In addition to the gym and sauna, we can install a cinema, spa center, game room and other accessories in the shelter. In this way, you will in no way associate your stay with a crisis situation and you will feel completely rested and refreshed when you leave. In quiet times, you can invite friends and enjoy a safe and cozy atmosphere.

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