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Types of protections and uses of the bunker


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There was a lot of speculation and misleading media headlines around COVID-19 that people were seeking shelter to escape the virus. We wouldn´t need covers to save ourselves from this virus! Just limit our contacts and follow the precautions. Covers are far more responsible purpose. Their purpose is to save us from possible chemical contamination, military action, riots, new and more serious viruses, radioactive contamination and natural disasters.
Most people´s first reaction is to deny that such events can happen and to call others
paranoid. If someone told us that a coronavirus would appear that would throw the entire
planet into chaos and shake the economy of every country, would we believe them?! Most
likely not. We would accuse him of being a conspirator. But it happened! At the same time,
these same people continue to deny that anything more serious could befall us, because
they don´t see many indicators that all the conditions are there for it to happen.
It is a misconception that shelters are built only to protect us from the Apocalypse. Covers
can protect our health and life in various situations. We may need to use our shelter for
three days to a week to hide from the harmful emissions of a chemical or nuclear accident.
The first days are the most dangerous because of the clouds carrying harmful elements.
After that we will come out without any health risk. In the event of a terrorist attack, before
the type of explosion and contamination is determined, it is also a good idea to seek
protection in a shelter with its purifiers. In the event of civil unrest or military action, shelter
provides us with the necessary protection until things are under control and the situation
normalizes. All these reasons show that the apocalyptic idea of the need for shelter is not of primary importance in the selection.

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