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The main entrances, emergency exits (escapes) and technological openings are closed with typical anti-pressure, pressure gas-tight or gas-tight elements, which are designed with regard to pressure wave loads. These elements include anti-pressure and gas-tight doors, wall and ceiling hatches, steel doors with concrete filling and ballistic steel.

With ballistic resistance


Safe door class I – V

Safe door class I - V with grid


Tajné dveře21.jpg

Security doors are designed to provide high protection for you and your property not only against breaking or dropping, but also against bullet penetration (with different diameters and qualities). The durability of the door is ensured thanks to the all-steel construction, the basis of which is a steel frame with an inner grid coated on both sides. This highly durable construction, in conjunction with safety fittings, certified mechanical or electronic locks and locking points protecting the door against dropping, is the reason for their use not only in civil protection shelters, but also wherever the protection of people and property is taken seriously, i.e. in buildings with a special regime (for example, military and prison facilities, embassies, computer centres), in hospitals, in family homes or in rooms intended for personnel protection and securing valuables. Pressure, gas-tight doors, hatches and closures are designed with a pressure resistance of 0.15 MPa and higher. We mostly focus on combined doors, as they meet all the parameters for SCP.


Safety hatches are made bi-directional for entry from both sides, but also only one-way with opening only inward or only outward. We also produce sliding flaps in case of being overwhelmed by material during an earthquake, or when there is a lack of space for opening.



The TEBRIX team has developed a special safety door that meets all safety and radiation protection requirements. The main entrance to each shelter is a complex project. Each input-output is one of the weak links of your shelter, because many parameters have to be taken into account. The doors must not only be solid, but must also be installed in a special way to maintain the optimal geometric distribution to reduce radioactive absorption of particles in the event of a nuclear attack.


When the shelter structure is located in close proximity to your house, we will make a connection between the shelter and the house so that you have direct access to the shelter. Subject to venue availability we will try to hide access to the central entrance. A good shelter sometimes does more work than the most sophisticated security systems and combined with them makes the shelter a little strong. Each enclosure has more than one exit for safety reasons. When the debris piles up in front of the exit, if you don't have an alternate exit, you'll be locked out. Therefore, we assume that more exits will be cleverly disguised. The external exit from the garden will also be unrecognizable to the naked eye.


TEBRIX  shelters have built-in underground tunnels that serve as an emergency exit. In the event that the entrance is buried or blocked, when you cannot open the middle door, the emergency exit will allow you to reach the surface safely.

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