The bunkers are reinforced concrete and provide the highest possible strength of the material. The bunker resists detection and is fully resistant to EMP. Of course, it provides sufficient protection against all known types of radiation. The lifetime of the construction material used is unrestricted and maintains almost constant properties over the lifetime and requires no maintenance.

Water - water solutions are among the most important in the whole housing. The water is resolved by the reservoirs to provide enough water for the concealed persons for a set time. Additional systems include deep wells, filtration units and water treatment plants.

Air - Filtraventilation - Apparatus for immediate protection of persons against radioactive, chemical and bacteriological contamination.

Electricity - Survival and stay in the bunker is independent of the environment and can protect you continuously without connection to the electricity grid.

The time of hiding is directly dependent on the equipment and your supplies.

Alternative energy sources, diesel aggregate 7-30kW, accumulation field, solar technology, wind technology.

Communication system - Communication systems are installed in the enclosure and are in operation at any time without the need for electrical power. The main ones include radio transmitters, portables, satellite phones.

Main Entry, Escape Routes - Inputs, hatches, and escape routes are completely invisible and capable of resisting normal attacks. Waterproof, gas-tight and complete shielding from surface radiation is a matter of course. When you enter the underground cover, you go through the "invisible" hatch and continue through the safe door. Escape routes are invisible and can be taken anywhere on or behind the plot.

Storage - it is equipped with durable food according to the customer's wishes. We have several suppliers with plenty of different products.

The technical room - is equipped with everything you need in your situation. Tools, portable water filtration, gas masks, spare parts, filter, ....

Safe - Thanks to the invisible entrance and the safe door, your bunker becomes the perfect space for the vault. Your valuables are thus maximally protected.