Our process always starts with a survey and an assessment of selected locations. Then we recommend a suitable building for the given conditions. Series of standard bunkers are ready, but that does not and here. Each client can design his / her own floor plan according to his / her wishes and possibilities. The only limitation is budget and imagination.

Our pressure-resistant, anti-atomic safety bunkers are built according to ČSN standards.

The leadership staff of Tebrix Safety Home is trained every year to design and build civil protection buildings at the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic and at the Federal Emeregency Management Agency in the USA - FEMA

Our covers are fully equipped and ready for any crisis event.

- weapons of mass destruction - WMD (chemical, nuclear, biological)

- industrial disasters

- natural disasters

- social unrest, terrorism

- blackout

We provide meteorological, radiation and chemical status monitoring and our early warning system for NBC events for our clients.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of the complete set.